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Safety tips in and around your home

safety tips in and around your home

Safety tips in and around your home.  According to the 2011 Census it was confirmed that  there are around 17 percent of over 50s who now live by themselves.  I am quite sure this has now increased.

I set out below some tips so that you can be more secure in your living arrangements.

Get to know your neighbours.

Often we talk to total strangers on Facebook, twitter etc  but how many of us really know our next door neighbours.  Go and introduce yourself. Your neighbours will be able to assist you should you be in any danger.  They are more likely to be responsive if you knock on their door asking for help if they know you. They can also help take in packages for you so that nothing is left on your doorstep which could indicate that the property is empty.

Safety inside your home

Always keep the doors locked. Get used to doing this when you come home each evening.  It would be very easy to forget to lock the door before going to bed. Never leave your keys by the door. Thieves often now use a fishing rod to hook keys from inside the front door to gain entry.  Always leave your keys by your bedside each night.

Consider getting your lights set on a timer.  Set times when you are out during the evening.  That way it would appear that you are at home.  Likewise when you do return you are returning to a well-lit home.

Always check your locks.  Are they coming loose – then this is the time to get it fixed.  An insurance claim may be invalid if they find the locks are loose.

Keep your curtains drawn – you do not want a peeping tom looking at you in a state of undress. Likewise the neighbours may not like it!!

If you live alone try to make your home look like someone else lives there as well.  Why not leave a pair of mens boots outside your front door.

If you are concerned about post sticking our of your letter box  why not ask the post office to re direct your mail. You can also  stop receiving junk mail by contacting the mail preference service.

Consider getting a home security system. You can protect yourself and your home contents while you are sleeping.  Costs can vary so you should be able to get one to match your budget. If you are worried why not visit the local police station who can offer advice and support.

Your mobile phone

Always make sure it is charged before going to bed.  In the event of an emergency your phone is close to hand.

Always carry an extra charger with you when out and about. You do not want to be in a dangerous situation and no battery for your phone.

Social Media

More and more these days we communicate by social media. Do not give out personal details eg I am off to that concert now…By all means when you come home tweet about how fantastic the show was.  Not before.  Someone could see the post and know you are not in.

Your daily/weekly routine

Try not to keep to a regular routine when leaving or returning home from work.  Always call a family member at a specific time each day to let them know you are safe.  A simple text will suffice.

Safety outside

When walking along the road if you feel someone is following you – stop and pretend to tie up your shoe lace and let the person overtake you.  Chances are they are not even a threat but it is always worth taking that extra precaution.

Why not consider a personal alarm for when you are out and about.  They are very small and easily fit into your coat pocket.

When parking your car do not park in a dark place and always be wary of your surroundings.

Always carry your keys in your hand when returning home. The last thing you want is to be busy looking for your keys in the dark as you never know who is around the corner.

I hope these tips will be helpful.

As they say on Crimewatch do not have nightmares!

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