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Secret Santa Ideas

Secret Santa Ideas


It is that time of year again when Secret Santa comes round. Are you going to take part in the annual office ritual.? Stuck for ideas for that difficult person? Well I have found several products that could prove useful and below are several Secret Santa ideas for you to consider.


Rules to follow for Secret Santa Gifts

  • Do make sure all the people taking part fully understand the rules of Secret Santa ie that it is a secret!
  • Make sure you set a price limit. You do not want to spend £000s on a gift only to receive a gift worth £2 – yes it is the season of giving but no one wants to feel embarrassed.
  • Do you know the person you are buying for. If not keep it simple.
  • Do not purchase anything personal
  • Make sure the gift is funny and will make them laugh
  • If you get a rubbish gift just receive it gracefully – you could always donate it to a charity shop










I hope these few Secret Santa Gift ideas help you make a good choice for your chosen person to buy for.


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