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Tips on the Christmas sales

We all love Christmas but some of us still want to get out of the house on Boxing Day to pick up a bargain at the Sales (or at the very least escape from the family!)

Several stores have started having sales already but generally Boxing Day is the key day for the start of many sales.

Below are some tips to help you get the bargain you want – but remember a bargain is only a bargain if you really need it.

The timing is crucial

Generally most stores will open around 9am or slighty earlier. However the online sales often start just after midnight on what will then be technically Boxing day. You could set your alarm to get up slightly earlier to go on-line. Also if there is a particular store you like then now is the time to follow them on Twitter and Facebook as they will let you know when the sales are going live. Also check your local shopping centre websites as they will have full details of the time of the sales and also important information on parking etc.

Tips on the christmas sales


Think before you shop – what is it you really need

Good staples which never go out of fashion are Winter Coats, shoes and boots.

When out at the sales it is very easy to think that because something is reduced then it is a bargain. But unless you are going to use/wear rather than leave in the back of the wardrobe is it is not a bargain.

Before you go out check the website and make a note the products you are interested in. Then when you are at the store ask one of the assistants if that particular product is in their store.

I will lose weight so the bargain will fit me

No it will not!!  Make sure you buy the right size. You may see a really dress reduced by £100 and you say to yourself I will lose weight so this will fit me. Remember if the item is too tight or too short or too long it will be a waste of money rather than a bargain. So do keep a clear head and only spend a) what you can afford a b) what will 100% fit you.

What if you change your mind – can you return a sale item?

Just because it is a  Boxing day the majority of the stores will not change their returns policy just because there is a sale during Christmas. Always check the in store policy before you purchase. Often there will be a sign near or around the tills about your rights.

Please note that if the item you purchase if not faulty then generally you cannot get a refund. Some shops will offer a refund or credit note depending on their in store policies.


We love a queue

Naturally everyone thinks they will be first in the queue getting to the store around 6am in the morning. Sadly everyone is off work so this means more people than ever will be queuing for that bargain.

Please be patient and bring a good book or headphones and just wait patiently. Why not bring a flask of coffee and some food to eat while you wait.


Do not dress to impress

This is the time of year when comfort is better than style. Do not wear you best coat and high heels to the sales. Instead dig out those comfy jeans or track suit with flat shoes or trainers. Wear layers as it will be very hot with everyone in the store.

Wear clothes that are easy to take off if you intend to try on clothes in the stores.

Do not bring a large handbag with you – if you have a small shoulder bag that will be easier to manage but also be aware of your surroundings just in case there are pick pockets around.

Boxing day sales

Below is a link to all the Boxing Day sales


So I hope these few tips will help you enjoy the sales


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  • In the past I have definitely been guilty of buying clothes that didn’t fit because I was hoping to lose weight or I couldn’t be bothered to queue for the fitting rooms.

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