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Tips on dealing with cold calls

Picture the scene… you have just got home from work after a busy day and ready to sit down to watch your favourite tv show when the phone rings…You  are not expecting anyone to call and then you answer only to be asked about PPI,  a recent (none) accident, double glazing or a number of other numerous sales calls. How annoying are these calls.  BUT there are ways to stop them (or at the very least reduce them).


tips on dealing with cold calls






Make sure you are registered with the Telephone Preference Services (TPS)

The TPS is there to assist you.  It makes sure UK-based companies cannot contact you with unsolicited sales/marketing calls. The number to call (which is free) is  0345 070 0707 or visit http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/index.html

You can also register  your mobile number as well as your landline but please note that while you will not get (or should not get) calls via your mobile this may not stop SMS text messages. The only way to stop SMS text message is to contact the relevant company asking to opt out.

From the time you register to opt out it can take a few weeks for this to be filtered out to the relevant companies so it is possible you could still get a few calls.  It is a legal requirement that all the relevant groups or companies which include charities, political groups and voluntary organisations) do not call numbers which are registered on the TPS unless you have confirmed you are happy to receive these calls.


Screen your calls

If your phone does not have caller display think about changing your phone. Try to screen your calls and only answer the calls from numbers you know. If it is a genuine call then they will leave a message.


Beware of giving out your number when entering competitions

Have you ever entered a competition and then got a cold call saying something along the lines….no you did not win our first prize but guess what you are a runner-up and you can get 10% off our products.  What has happened is you did not read the small print and did  not opt out to stop receiving messages/calls. So remember any competitions you enter do make sure you tick the opt out box – unless of course you want to be contacted.  A genuine company will call the winner regardless of opting in or out for further information.


Keep your name off sales lists

  • Sometimes local companies can use on-line paper phone books to contact local people with cold calls. If your number is going to be featured in a phone directory ask yourself do you really need to feature and why not consider going ex directory?
  • If you do contact a company for further info on their business do make sure you state to them that you do not want to be contacted for further marketing and not to pass your details onto any third parties.
  • Electoral registration and open register

To prevent your name and address being sold on to local business owners and other interested parties you need to tick an opt-out box on your annual registration form. Please note you can contact the your local council electoral office anytime not just when the annual canvassing is happening if you wish to opt out.







Make a note of the number that has cold called you.

If you do not have caller display then dial 1471 to obtain the number that has called you. You can then contact OFCOM to report this. OFCOM contact number: 0300 123 3333. OFCOME can assist with action for nuisance calls and those silence calls.


Why not consider getting a call blocker on your phone?

The phone below will do the following:-

  • Blocks 50 individual numbers
  • See and hear if you have a second call waiting
  • Easy-to-read screen shows when you have messages
  • Redial any of the last 10 calls you made
  • Saves up to 50 contacts


I hope that these few tips will give you peace of mind when dealing with these types of calls.  I know they are extremely frustrating.

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