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Tips on how to get a good nights sleep

Tips on how to get a good nights sleep






Below are some tips on how to get a good nights sleep. We spend a third of our life asleep.

The average person spends 8 hours a night sleeping yet for some people getting a good night’s sleep is a nightmare and not a dream.

Below are some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep (If you are having trouble sleeping do see your Doctor or pharmacy) so they can assist further

Try to avoid watching TV late at night.  By watching a late night to programme you will go to bed thinking about that programme rather than trying to relax going to sleep.  Why not try listening to smoothing music or even down load an audio book and listen to that while you are drifting off to sleep. Do not have a TV or computer in the bedroom.

Try to go to sleep at the same time each night – it is important that you have a regular routine. Likewise try to get up the same time each morning. Yes this does also include weekends and bank holidays!

Have a relaxing bath or shower before bed – this can help you relax and make you less stressful






Make sure you have your dinner at least 3 hours before you retire for the night.

Avoid that late night coffee and try not to have any caffeine 2 hours before you go to bed

Make sure your bedroom is free from clutter. Pick up all the dirty clothes and put into a laundry bag and move the laundry bag to another room ideally the spare room or bathroom.

When did you last change your mattress – Does your mattress offer you support and provide good posture when you are lying down.  Do you wake up with back problems Think about the time you spent in a hotel or on holiday? The chances are that you slept much better and could be down to the mattress.  You should change your mattress at least once every 8 years.

Do make sure you wash your bed linen once a week.  Remember you could be sleeping with  Dead Skin Cells, Sweat, Bodily Fluids and food crumbs. Yuk!

When trying to get asleep try not to think about the problems you have in your daily life. This will make getting to sleep difficult as your mind will be racing.

Do make sure your room is dark and no light is showing through the curtains. If there is light coming through then try darker curtains or purchase an eye mask

I hope these few tips will aid your sleep and give you the rest and relaxation that is essential for your to manage your waking day.

Sweet dreams.




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