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Tips on passing your theory driving test

Tips on passing your theory driving test

If like me you hate taking any type of exam (we had enough of them at school) then the thought of taking the driving theory test may fill you with nerves.

Learning to drive can be very expensive and so the last thing you want to do is to re take your driving theory test. Below are few hints and tips to help you pass your theory driving test the first time.


Tips on how to pass your theory driving test
You could be a driver sooner than you think







One reason there is a driving theory test is of course to be a safe driver on the roads and this is why there is a theory driving test.

Make sure you book your test well in advance. You can book the test at over 160 test centres in the UK. So even if you are visiting another part of the country you have no excuse not to book it

Read and re read the theory book

Take a mock test to see how you do

On the day of the theory make sure you leave in plenty of time – check the night before the route especially if you are travelling by public transport. As a rule of thumb if you are checking directions on-line add another half an hour or so to make sure you will arrive in plenty of time.  The last thing you want is to arrive just before the test is due and be stressed out with the travel. You need to be relaxed when taking any exams. Top tip: You need to be at the test centre 30 minutes before the start of your test.

The night before (after checking the route) is to make sure you have packed your provisional licence photo card. You must have your photo card driving licence on the day of your theory test. If you forget it, you won’t be able to sit your test and you’ll still have to pay the test fee.

Just before the test you will be allocated 15 minutes to get used to the touch screen and the layout of the questions.  Make good use of this time by understanding the lay out of the questions.  If you are worried about the layout or if something is now working property now is the time to raise your concerns before the test.  It will be too after once the test is in progress.

How long the test lasts

The multiple choice questions – Before you start the actual exam you can have a 15 minute practice session so you can get familiar with the format of the test.  Once the test starts there e 50 questions and you need to get at least 43 correct.  You have a time limit of 57 minutes.  If you get stuck on a question do not panic but move on.  Hit the flag button and it will mark the question as not answered and you can go back to it before the end of the test.

The hazard test – The hazard perception part of the theory test starts with a short video tutorial which is displayed on the computer screen and there will be a full explanation of how the hazard perception test will work and what is required of you. There will be 14 hazard perception video clips shown and each one lasts around 1 minute.  There is 15 developing hazard to find d and at least one on each video clip but one clip will have 2 developing hazards. So take your time and really think about the hazards.  To pass the hazard perception test you need to score over 44. The maximum you can score would be 75 which is 15 hazards x 5.

Between the first and second test you get a break of 3 minutes – make good use of this time. Take a deep breath and have a quick stretch at the desk and focus on the next part of the test. You have come so far so do not mess it up now.

Remember if you do not pass you can take the test again but I hope by reading this you will pass first time. Good luck.


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  • Some great tips! I managed to pass this first time (not the case with the practical due to unmanaged anxiety at the time) but I’m still glad I don’t have to do this again in a hurry.

    • Thank you
      I hope this post helps calm the nerves of people taking not only the theory but the main test as well (plus the extras)

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