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Tips to stay cool in the hot weather

With the Bank Holiday approaching and the weather getting hotter here are a few tips to help you stay cool in the Sun……

Trying to remain cool in the hot weather can prove to be a nightmare. Even getting on the tube in this weather can be like sitting in a sauna – only slight more cramped!

Getting too warm can mean you suffer from dehydration and you could even get some heat related illnesses which can include heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

You must keep you body cool which in turn will help you remain calm. There are lots of simple and effective ways to stay cool in warm weather and further tips are below.

Water is essential for keeping you cool during hot weather


One I swear by is running your wrists under cold water. Do this for around 30 seconds every few hours. This works because a main vein will pass through this area and will help cool your blood.

Keep your curtains closed while you are out – when you come home your house will be slightly cooler as the sun as not come though the windows.

Keep all doors open (only where you can for safety reasons of course). Air will circulate through your rooms which will make your house feel cooler.

Think cold….close your eyes and imagine it is snowing. You will automatically feel a lot cooler. When I am on the tube during my daily commute and the weather is warm this is one thing I do and it works!

Drink plenty of water. It is vital you remain hydrated. Take a small plastic bottle of water everywhere you go. Tap water is fine – you do not need to purchase expensive bottles of water.

Have a hot spicy meal such as a curry. This may sound ridiculous in the hot weather but spicy peppers can help you get cooler as they can make you sweat which will provide a cooling sensation. Likewise now is the time for the Salad choice as well. We all know the saying ‘cool as a cucumber’ in fact cucumbers are almost 100% water based which will help provide hydration and will help keep you cool. Try to avoid eating meat or protein heavy foods as they can increase metabolic heat production which will counteract the loss of water. Also try eating smaller meals instead of a larger meal as eating a large meal means the body needs to work harder to digest everything.

Tips to stay cool in the hot weather

Good excuse to avoid exercise in hot weather – By exercising in the hotter weather you can put extra stress on your body. So take care

Make sure you wear lightweight/light-coloured clothes. Cotton clothing will absorb perspiration and the evaporation will make you feel cooler. Do not try to wear darker clothing as they will not reflect the sun’s radiation.

Sleeping at night in hot weather can be very uncomfortable. Why not fill a hot water bottle with COLD Ice water just before you go to bed. It can help you cool your body by putting the cold icy water bottle on the backs of your knees or ankles. Also consider a water spray which you can spray on your sheets just before you go to bed.

Purchase a small lightweight fan which are ideal to pack into your bag on your daily commute.

Tips to stay cool in the hot weather
Enjoy the sunshine but take care

​Finally if the heat is simply unbearable try to stay indoors and avoid doing any activity in the direct sunshine. If you have to do the shops to do your weekly shop then why not try shopping on-line during the Summer? Also make sure that all older people, children or anyone with an illness are looked after as they could be subject to heat related illness. In addition look after your pets as they can also suffer from dehydration and other heat related illnesses as well..

Above all have a great Bank Holiday and hopefully by following the above tips you will not be hot and bothered.




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  • Some great tips here, I keep the curtains shut a lot in Summer for the same reason. My family think I’m some sort of hermit!

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