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Too old to take driving lessons?

Too old to take driving lessons?

I have reached the age of 53 and still a non-driver.

It does not worry me – passing my driving test is not on my bucket list. Thankfully I have excellent transport links where I live.

Of course for some over 50s this is not the case – you may live in a rural area with poor transport (if any) and feel isolated from family and friends.

So is it too late to start driving lessons? –  Having done some research I am pleased to say that this is not the case.

Do your research on your driving instructor
Remember you are paying around £30 per hour for each lesson so you have the right to be fussy. Remember at school we all had a favourite teacher and we seemed to take in more from that lesson than another teacher.  This is the case with a new driving instructor.  Make sure you feel comfortable with the instructor. Why  not consider an older instructor. or even ask family and friends for recommendations.

Weekly lessons – Unless you are prepared for regular weekly driving lessons then you will not succeed. If you have one or two lessons then a break then next time you have a lesson you will spend more time recapping what you learnt at earlier lessons.  You should aim for at least 1 or 2 lessons per week for around 1 hour at a time.

Experience – The more experience the better! If possible gain further driving experience from family or friends However, do make sure they do not take you on busy roads – try to find a quite area with less traffic as this will improve your confidence. Use it as experience only though and leave the teaching to your driving instructor.

Manual or automatic – This is a personal choice and if you really can’t get to grips with clutch control and gear shifting, then think about learning to drive in an automatic car.   Remember however, if you pass in a manual, you can drive any manual and also drive automatic. Pass in an automatic and you’re limited to only automatic cars. For many many automatic cars  are significantly easier to drive and may reduce the amount of time required to learn.

Driving Courses for older drivers – I have done some  investigation and currently there are no actual courses for older learner drivers.  This means that you will be having the same type of driving lessons as all other learners.

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