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TV Licence Renewal Scam

TV Licence Renewal Scam

There is a new scam regarding TV licence renewal and I found out about this from a local community forum I follow and thought I would share it with you.

Most of us pay our TV Licence via direct debit and it is normally very straightforward. However some people are receiving emails claiming to be from the TV Licence department.

TV Licence Renewal Scam

The scam generally starts with what looks like an official email.

Check that the email is valid

You can check to see if it is genuine by looking carefully between the <> sections and you can see if it is fake.

The genuine email will be donotreply@tvlicensing.co.uk but a scammer could use (and there could be similar ones) including note81@mail.co.uk



TV Licence Renewal Scam



Check the wording of the email

A typical email from the TV Licence team will be along the lines of

Dear Mrs Green  

Your bank as declined the latest Direct Debit and will be tried to take the payment of 20 pounds within 3 working days.

The TV Licence team will always use your Tile and surname. BUT a scammer will normally send the following type of email

Dear Customer

There is something wrong with your latest direct debit payments. You must now renew online.


Dear Fred2019@hotmail.com

You have overpaid your TV licence and you are now due a refund. You must apply on-line to claim the refund immediately.

Then they will have a link Do not click on the link or any attachments as this will lead you to a fake page which you will be then asked to enter your bank details. Doing this will mean your bank account will be cleared in seconds.

If you do receive an email from the TV Licence company (or in fact any other organisation) do call them up to check if they had sent it – The chances are they have not.

Check the website address

If you’re not sure the website is genuine, don’t enter any information. If you have any doubts type in ‘www.tvlicensing.co.uk’ into the address bar to arrive at the official TV Licensing website. You can also do this for any other organisation.

Often scammers will use a similar address so at first you would think it was genuine. What they do is they often just change a letter so it looks genuine.


TV Licence Renewal Scam

TV Licence email address

The TV Licence team will always use the following email address when contacting customers  which is donotreply@tvlicensing.co.uk and this will be as they want to inform you if you have missed a direct debit payment, renewed your license or make a payment.

If you for some reason feel you have clicked on a fraud website then immediately report it to the Action Fraud Helpline. The number is 0300 123 2040. If you have made any payments to this fake site them immediately call your bank to see if they can rectify the situation. Again this is relevent for any other groups as well.

Other information

The scammers email often take real emails and adapt accordingly. However you can easily spot these as often the wording is not correct

The emails can be usually formal or very casual. You can find that odd words are used together which may not make sense. Often many spelling mistakes and the full stops will be missing. Also you will note there are mistakes with capital letters and other grammatical errors.

What the TV Licence team never do

  • They will never email you to inform you of a refund
  • Ask you pay additional payments
  • Never ask for your mothers maiden name
  • Never ask for your date of birth. The only time they would ask if you are over 74 as you could be entitled to a free TV Licence

I hope this helps you be aware of any fraud emails you receive. It is not just the TV licensing that do this. So if you are in doubt never ever click on a link and always call the company directly.




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