How to promote a business on social media.

I am going to be blogging occasionally about how you can make extra money on the Internet with the help of social media.

I recently attended a 3 day boot camp about all aspects of social media

While my blog is not a blog about earning extra income I thought I would share from time to time some opportunities you may find useful.

It is important that we all plan ahead and think about our future. More and more people will be living longer and do you really want to work after you retire?

Did you know that just over one in three (36 per cent) city workers are confident of being able to retire with a comfortable income?

In the video (which you can see by clicking on the link) you will discover 

How to build a large, engaged audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

How to effectively market your business on any social network without ever being salesy

The 3 ways to build a large, targeted email list

How to optimize your social media profiles so you stand out from the noise and much more….

The video is by the social media strategist and bestselling author Corinna Essa


If you’d like to finally stop wasting your time and making the most out of your social media presence, this training is what you need.

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