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Lottery of life …………

Lottery of life …………

Do you dream of winning the lottery? If so you are like the majority of people who enter. Did you know that the chances of winning the lottery is around 1 in 14 million?

The weekly cost of entering a lottery can  range from £1 to £2 per entry.

Yet a growing number of Free lotteries are on the increase and I have investigated and joined 3 which I think are excellent and below are my reviews


Lottery of life ............
There are a large number of FREE lotteries in the UK and they are growing all the time

Win with your date of birth.


The website Happy Birthdates offers 10 prizes a day of £100 each. You register your details with your date of birth. Check back each day to see if you are a winner. The draw is made at around 12 midday and you will get an email with a link to the daily winners.

What I like about this site is that they pick 10 random dates of birth and cover all ages from 18 upwards. I have seen a date of birth from around 1930 onwards (and I am sure there are some that are earlier than 1930). Not only would you win £100 for your date of birth (and to avoid someone with the dame date of birth claiming they also list your initials) but if you are a lucky winner you can also claim a full refund on all shopping purchases made with Amazon with the offer of”100% cashback”, Full details (and there are a few t and c’s which are on the website.

Your date of birth could make you a winner with the Birthday lottery


Win your dinner 


I really like this site as who does not want a free dinner.

You register on-line with your email address and you are entered into the lottery and they draw at least 3 random entries each day.

If the winner does not claim their prize then the prize pot is rolled over to the next draw.

The draws are made daily at 4pm.

How fantastic would it be to win your dinner tonight. No cooking!


Win with your postcode


The UK’s biggest free lottery site. You’ll need to sign up with your postcode to be entered into several draws every day, including the main draw which has a prize starting at £300.

All the draws will take place around 12 midday and you will need to check everyday. The great thing about this site is that if a prize is not claimed it rolls over.

There is also a list of past winners and I checked and there were even some winners near where I live (my post code has not been a winner yet)

Please note that the Free Postcode Lottery is free to play but there is another site called The People’s PostCode Lottery that does cost money to play. So if you are just after free entries then the Free Post Code Lottery is the one to use.

Your post code could make you a winner


Why do they offer free entries ? 

If you visit the sites on a regular basis (ie daily to see if you are a winner). You will always see plenty of adverts and offers on the lottery sites. You do noy need to click on them to enter or check to see if you are a winner. however  of course this is how the sites make their money and can offer the free prizes.

All Lotteries require that you are over 18.

These free lotteries are genuine and your personal data is never sold to a third-party.

I imagine there will be several more of these types of lotteries coming up in the near future.

So why not visit these sites and see if you could become a winner. You never know it could be you!

I must point out that while these draws are free some people may have a gambling problem so if you are concerned about gambling then please visit http://www.gamcare.org.uk/ for further information.



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