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How SKY TV have given me a free cup of coffee every day (including weekends)

How often do you moan that you are paying too much for your TV subscription, home or car insurance, mobile phone contracts etc…In fact the list is endless.

But there is a way to save some money each month by haggling with your supplier.

How a quick telephone call to SKY means I now get a free coffee every day including weekends!

Thanks to SKY TV I now can get a free coffee every day including weekends

I want to tell you about how I have saved £300 a year with SKY TV with a simple telephone call. This is approx £5 a day – more than enough for a free coffee on the way to work each day (and while I am out shopping at weekends)

We all see adverts get new incentives for new customers including all digital TV packages but never for existing customers. We all have the mentality of staying with our provider and just accepting the amount we pay each month yet there is a very simple and effective way to reduce your bill no matter how long you have been with your current supplier. I am just going to refer to SKY TV as that is the company I did my haggling with. You can try this with other digital TV companies and also consider doing the same with other suppliers including home or car insurance or even your mobile phone providers.


Things to do before you  call SKY TV.

What channels are you actually watching on a regular basis?

Firstly, have a serious think about what you actually watch on Sky TV. There are probably a few channels you watch on a regular basis but are you for example actually watching all the films or sport that you have signed up for?

Call at the right time – is no good calling SKY after you have seen a TV programme about how to haggle as everyone will be doing the same and SKY TV would be aware of this.  Likewise never call during a busy period for example at the Weekends when everyone has more time.  Try the middle of the week eg Tuesday or Wednesday and ideally when there is a popular programme on TV as more people will be watching TV rather than calling about trying to reduce their TV bill.

If you are approaching the end of your contract then try to call just before that. You would not be able to get any discount if you have just joined but if like me you have been a subscriber for  a while you are more likely to get the discount.

Have some figures ready for SKY – When you do call make sure you have some figures already prepared. For example you say that you are thinking of leaving SKY as Freeview (for example) seems to have an excellent service similar to SKY and you feel you would benefit from Freeview. When mentioning Freeview tell SKY that as Freeview is free with many channels you would use . Sky would then know that you mean business as you have done your research. This will also put you in a good position  to haggle.

When I called SKY TV this was my opening line. I said I really like SKY TV as they have all the channels I like.  I have never had any trouble with my SKY Package (I have the phone and broadband as well). I never have had any problems but feel Freeview would be a better offer for me.

You will note from the above that I have not stated I am not leaving SKY at this point.

Calling SKY TV

After you have got all your facts and figures you are now ready to call SKY TV.


When you are ready to call it is essential you are in a quiet place with no distractions. Have a cup of tea or coffee with you as you will be on the phone for around 30 minutes.


Contact SKY on 0333 2022 152. Another number to call is 0333 2022 135  – this number is an automated number but you will be able to get through to the right department eventually.

Be polite – When you get through firstly be polite and friendly. After all you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Remember they are there to help you save some money.  Do not get annoyed or be rude.

When I called they put me through to disconnection but this is really retention – after all they do not want to lose a great customer.

State you are really happy with SKY TV (then mention Freeview) and that you do not want to leave but the pricing is far too high for you at this stage.

The  SKY representative will then ask you what you watch on SKY and you can explain what you like watching. They may start by saying to reduce certain channels to save you some money and they could then look at your telephone line (if you have the phone and broadband with them). For example they started off by saving me £1.35 a month with one aspect of the phone I did not use. I replied with a chuckle saying well that is a start. In an instance the SKY representative was in a good mood as she knew I was not going to be an awkward customer.

What else to say – Now you are in conversion talking about SKY tv and your existing contract. Try to use some of the following key phrases in your conversation

My budget is only £xxxx per month and my current bill is £xxxx per month

Freeview is cheaper

Virgin/BT can do a better deal but I want to stay with you as SKY is great and I have never had any problems.

What is best deal you can do.

Do not worry if they say they will disconnect you. They will not as after all they want you as a customer.  If you are scared this will happen just stay to them that you will call them back as you want to check with the rest of your family.

Have you had problems with SKY? If this is the case for example very slow broadband, endless calls to customer services etc then state this as it is excellent ammunition for a further discount

Never agree to the first offer – When I was speaking to SKY they offered me a small discount and I said is that the best you can do?. They went away for a few minutes and came back to say we really cannot offer any more. I then went on to say I have been a very loyal customer for over 10 years. Always made payments on time tc. They went away(again!) and came back with a better offer. I then said if you get my bill down to £xxx per month you have a deal. I was smiling and very upbeat  and this helped. They came back and offered me what I wanted and of course I accepted.

You should never go with the first offer. Chances are, it’s not the best deal they can do. Remember, be firm.

Do not worry about the silence or the fact they ‘disappear’ for a few minutes. A well-known selling tactic is for a sales person to always stay silent during transactions. This often is to make you feel awkward and to fill the silence. Always remain in control and they will then make you a better offer.

No result – if for some reason they are not going to offer any discounts (this could be as many people have enquired or they have filled their quota for the day _then why not ask are there extras they could provide which could include extra channels or free calls or faster broadband.

It took me 30 minutes to save £300 a year. This is valid for 10 months and no doubt I will call then that deal ends and save even more.

You can also try this with other providers including your home or car insurance, plus your mobile phone provider. In fact the list is endless.

Do let me know how you get on.

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