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Supermarket shopping money saving tips

Below are just a few tips to help you with Supermarket shopping

Supermarket shopping money saving tips


I cannot stress enough as the saying goes …when you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Always decide in advance your meals for the week and write a shopping list for those items. Then go through your cupboards/fridges and cross out any items you already have in stock.

Consider ordering the remaining items on-line – that way you will not be adding any unsuspecting extra items into your shopping basket.  Most major supermarkets offer home delivery but do check on the cost for the home delivery as it is often cheaper during the week and also at certain hours of the day or night.

However, shopping for your groceries on-line is excellent it may well be cheaper for certain products in different supermarkets.

Be a solo shopper

If you can try shopping alone.  If you do not take the children with you it will stop you buying extra sweets and chocolates.  In addition you can concentrate on purchasing only the food products you require.

Shopping in store

Shop when you are not hungry so you will not be tempted by all the chocolates and extra goodies.

Always use cash – you are more aware of how much you have and can spend.  No more impulse buying.

Look or special offers or reduced items – but only purchase them if you are actually going to use the items.

Pre packed veg – why are you paying extra money for someone just to wash and chop up your carrots, onions or other veg.  Buy fresh and whole instead.

Keep a track on how much you are spending on your phone using the calculator

Stick to supermarket own brands –often they taste as good and pretty sure you would not be able to tell the difference.  Try a few different ones next time you shop.

Be a supermarket tart

We all know what we like and are not adaptable to change when out shopping at the Supermarket.  If you stick to the main top 4 stores why not have look for further savings at the lower end priced supermarkets. Yes I agree the goods may not be laid out as nicely as the main supermarkets but does that matter. The food is just as good and a lot cheaper.

Also why not visit your local market for fruit and veg. or the local smaller independent stores.  Support the small business owner is never a bad thing. Did you know that if you spend £20 with a local smaller independent store an additional £100 will go back into the local economy.

Don’t stay loyal to any store it is your money after all.

When not to shop

Never shop on pay-day. You will feel you are flushed with money and thus spend even more than you intended. Instead shop as normal and if you have any money left at the end of the month you can then treat yourself to some more items.



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