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How Supermarkets make you spend more

I recently did a blog post on saving money at the supermarket and now following this up with how supermarkets make you spend more than you realise without even thinking about it.





Here are just a few clever marketing ploys the supermarkets use to make you part with your hard-earned cash.

Fruit and veg
Have you noticed that whatever supermarket you go into the fresh fruit and veg are always at the front.? The reason for this is the fact that once you put the fruit and veg in your basket you feel good about yourself for purchasing healthy items and are more likely to then treat yourself to other goodies.

Slow tempo music
Listen next time you are out shopping to the music being played. It is often a slow tempo. This means you are more likely to wander round the store more slowly in time to the music – thus spend more time in the store.  Clever tactic!

Larger shopping trolleys
We always end up using the trolley. The bigger they are the more you are likely to buy.

Foods that go together are next to each other.
You want a packet of pasta and before you know it you have purchased the pasta sauce to go with it. The supermarkets do this because you are more likely to buy additional items to go with your main purchase.

Sweets near the checkout.
At the checkout you will always see chocolate, sweets and small snacks. These are often purchased on whim without even thinking; these items are often the most profitable items. Plus often if you are shopping with children they will grab a few sweets as they are at eye level.

Essentials are at the back of the store
Supermarkets always place the milk and other everyday items such as bread near the back of the store. This means you have to walk around the whole store to purchase them – and of course will see more items to purchase as you move round the store.

Samples of new products
How often have you stopped for a taster?  This is twofold. Firstly you have had a sample of a product and may feel guilty if you do not purchase it. Secondly it slows you down and you are more likely to purchase additional products nearby.

Your loyalty card
The main reason for supermarkets getting you to join their loyalty card is that it a) makes you more likely to shop there so you can build up your points for extra items and b) it is a record of your purchases so they can target you with more offers relating to your purchases and gives them data. I do not have a loyalty card as I do not want them knowing what I purchase one weekly basis!

So take notice the next time you are out at your local supermarket.

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