How SKY TV have given me a free cup of coffee every day (including weekends)

How often do you moan that you are paying too much for your TV subscription, home or car insurance, mobile phone contracts etc…In fact the list is endless.

But there is a way to save some money each month by haggling with your supplier.

How a quick telephone call to SKY means I now get a free coffee every day including weekends!

Thanks to SKY TV I now can get a free coffee every day including weekends

I want to tell you about how I have saved £300 a year with SKY TV with a simple telephone call. This is approx £5 a day – more than enough for a free coffee on the way to work each day (and while I am out shopping at weekends)

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Safety Tips When Cooking

The kitchen is the hub of activity and is one of the most dangerous places in the home. Not only are you working with hot surfaces and boiling water but in addition there are sharp knives and utensils that can give you a nasty injury in seconds.  So below are a few tips to stay safe in the kitchen.


safety tips when cooking
Kitchens are considered the heart of the home but they’re also home to a lot of equipment that can pose safety hazards

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Why not making a will is a grave mistake

 Why not make a will is a grave mistake

Benjamin Franklin wrote in 1789 that in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes….

While I cannot assist with tax information I can help explain in this post the benefits of making a will. No one wants to think about death but it will happen to all of us eventually.

Why not making a will is a grave mistake
Recent research has shown that round two-thirds of adults have not made a will. That is a shocking statistic. Are you one of the two-thirds?

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Tips on passing your theory driving test

Tips on passing your theory driving test

If like me you hate taking any type of exam (we had enough of them at school) then the thought of taking the driving theory test may fill you with nerves.

Learning to drive can be very expensive and so the last thing you want to do is to re take your driving theory test. Below are few hints and tips to help you pass your theory driving test the first time.


Tips on how to pass your theory driving test
You could be a driver sooner than you think

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Make money from your car parking space

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR CAR PARKING SPACE – What could you do with an extra £1000 tax free cash a year
Why not make money from your car parking space
You could………
  • Take a long romantic weekend break to your favourite European City and stay in a first class hotel
  • Treat yourself to that ‘sell out’ theatre or concert show
  • Enjoy a meal at a well-known restaurant of your choice
  • Pay off a few bills
  • Purchase a new outfit (or two)
In fact the list is endless….
So how can you achieve an extra £1000 tax free cash a year from your car parking space ….

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Free Prize Draw – May 2017

Free Prize Draw – May 2017

MAY 2017










I am offering a free prize draw to current and future subscribers.

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Good luck to you all.

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The May 2017 prize is the following

4 Adult Colouring Books

I packet of felt tip pens

I packet of colouring pencils

Win a set of adult colouring books, pens and pencils. Free Prize Draw










Terms and Conditions

This free prize draw is open to all UK residents over the age of 18.

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Free Prize Draw – Winner – April 2017

The winner of the free prize draw for April is Denise McGann – congratulations.  I have emailed her to confirm if she would like either the £25 garden or £25 theatre voucher.

Thank you all for entering. Stay subscribed as I am going to be running a new competition for May to win 4 Adult Colouring books, a set of felt tip pens and a packet of colouring pencils.

Denise McGann is the April winner of my free prize draw. Congratulations