Hayfever – the curse of the Summer

Hayfever is the curse of the Summer.

It is almost Summer (although you would not know with the current weather!) and while most of us love the outdoors and sunshine for many people it is not a good time due to suffering from hayfever.

Did you know that hay fever can affect up to 1 in 5 of the UK population at some stage in their lives?

Symptoms of hayfever can include sneezing, a runny nose or itchy eyes. The symptoms are caused because of Pollen which is a fine powder which is released by plants as part of their reproductive cycle.  It will contain proteins which cause the nose, eyes, throats and sinuses to become  irritated and inflamed.


Hayfever the curse of the summer
To avoid bringing pollen inside the home, do not dry laundry outside.



Telephone interview tips

Tips on a telephone interview

We are all familiar with a face to face interview but today it is far more likely you will initially have a telephone interview. Often a business/recruiter will want to start with a telephone interview to initially discuss the job opportunity with the potential candidate to see if you would be a good fit and to establish your interest in the role. This way they can narrow down the people they want to invite to a face to face interview.

If you are currently job hunting you may find a recruiter could call you suddenly out of the blue and ask if you have a few minutes to discuss a current role they are recruiting for or just to discuss your job search in general. It is vital that you always answer the telephone professionally and never more so if it is a number you do don’t recognise – it is not always PPI selling numbers that you will not recognise. First impressions always count.

It is essential you prepare for a telephone interview as you would a face to face. Take the time to match your qualifications to the job description, so you can speak to why you’re a strong candidate for the position.