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Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water?

We all should aim to drink at least. 8 glasses of water a day. But how many of us actually manage that?

Are you drinking enough water

Below are some tips on how to make sure you drink enough water each day.

Purchase a bottle of water – This may be obvious but if you purchase a small plastic bottle of water you can carry it with you on your daily commute. You can then use your plastic bottle to refill from the tap.

One reason many of use do not drink a lot water is that we generally do not have water with us. So by keeping a bottle of water in your bag will help keep you hydrated and be a constant reminder to drink the water.

Have water with you when you exercise – It is vital that when exercising that you avoid being dehydrated. There has been some evidence that being dehydrated when exercising could cause an increased risk of blood clots as your blood could thicken and mean that the blood vessels could become narrower.

One reason we get very thirsty when exercising is due to the fact we lose more water through sweat.

Always make sure you take a sip of water during your exercise and never wait until you get home. A good tip is to take a drink of water after a few minutes routine. 

How much water should you drink each day ? – It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses a day of water. This will help your skin to glow, keep your digestion in check, You will also increase your energy levels and help with your metabolism.

Get into the habit of having a glass of water as soon as you wake up  – Generally when we wake up our mouth is often dry. Instead of a tea or coffee first thing have a large glass of water. why not add a slice of lemon for a refreshing taste. An excellent start to the day.

Add extra flavour to your daily water consumption – You may feel that drinking plain water all day can be boring and tasteless. So why not add other natural flavourings to your water. I have just mentioned having lemon with your water first thing in the morning. You can also add oranges, limes etc to your water during the day. This will certainly make it much easier to drink the recommended amounts. Why not consider adding mint leaves, cucumber slices or berries to enhance the flavour.



Use your phone to remind you to drink water – there are many apps on the market to help you. This one will remind you to drink and is also a tracker of how much you have drunk during the day https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/daily-water-drink-tracker-and-reminder/id466387763?mt=8


Why not add deadlines to your water consumption – Set yourself a challenge to have a certain amount of water by 10am, lunchtime, during the afternoon and in the evening,

Why not swap one drink per day with water – A good way of getting extra water is to change one tea or coffee each day for water instead. So if you normally have a tea or coffee when you arrive at work than change this drink to water. Aim to drink one full size glass of water with your lunch instead of that can of drink..

Drink more water when you are on a night out – Why not substitute every alcoholic drink with a glass of water. Not only will it be healthier but you will not have  a hangover the next morning!

Use a straw when drinking your water – Do you wonder why pubs and restaurants often serve drink with straws?

The main reason is that you will often drink more in shorter space of time if using a straw. So do this when drinking water and you will have drunk more that you realise before you know it.

I hope these few tips on drinking more water will help you get your 8 glasses a day.

Do let me know how you get on.





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